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LKQ Corporation Global
LKQ North America
Collision, Mechanical, PBE (USA)

LKQ stocks a vast inventory of recycled late model, low mileage OEM mechanical and collision parts including but not limited to: engines, transmissions, door assemblies, sheet metal products such as trunk lids, fenders and hoods, lights, and bumper assemblies.

Keystone Automotive Industries
Collision, Mechanical, PBE (Canada, USA)

Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of LKQ Corporation, is the United States’ largest aftermarket auto parts supplier.

LKQ Pick Your Part
Collision, Mechanical (Canada, USA)
LKQ Canada
Collision, Mechanical, PBE (Canada)
LKQ Canada – French Speaking
Collision, Mechanical, PBE (Canada)
LKQ Heavy Truck
Collision, Heavy Truck, Mechanical (USA)
ATK High Performance Engines
Specialty (USA)
Goodmark Industries
Specialty (Canada, USA)
LKQ Euro Car Parts
(Ireland, United Kingdom)
Auto Parts Outlet
Collision, Mechanical, PBE (USA)
Keystone Automotive Operations
Specialty (Canada, USA)
LKQ India
(Belgium, France, The Netherlands)
(Norway, Sweden)
Rhiag Italy
Rhiag Switzerland
(Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine)
Platinum HD
Heavy Truck, Mechanical (Canada, USA)
Auto Kelly
(Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Sim Impex
(Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW)
(Canada, USA)
(Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia)
Elitek Vehicle Services
Services (USA)
Auto Data Labels
Services (Canada, USA)

Auto Data Labels Inc., is the United States and Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Replacement Vehicle Information Labels (RVIL). Auto Data Labels produces many different types of vehicle information labels for all years, vehicle makes and models.

Our Global Business Segments

LKQ North America

Our North America segment is composed of wholesale operations, which consists of aftermarket and recycled parts, self service retail operations, heavy truck operations, and aviation operations.  LKQ also recently entered the vehicle diagnostic services business with our acquisition of Elite Electronics in 2019.

We are the largest provider of alternative vehicle collision replacement products and a leading provider of alternative vehicle mechanical replacement products, with our sales, processing, and distribution facilities reaching most major markets in North America.


Our Specialty operating segment was formed in 2014 with our acquisition of Keystone Specialty, a leading distributor and marketer of specialty vehicle aftermarket products and accessories in North America. Our Specialty operations reach most major markets in the U.S. and Canada and serve the following six product segments: RV; truck and off-road; towing; speed and performance; wheels, tires and performance handling; and miscellaneous accessories.

LKQ Europe

Our Europe segment was built on four key acquisitions: European Car Parts (ECP) (2011), Sator (2013), Rhiag (2016) and Stahlgruber (2018). Additionally, in 2014 we expanded our European segment to include wholesale recycling operations through our acquisition of a business with recycled parts and vehicle repair facilities in Sweden and Norway, and in 2016, we acquired an equity investment in Mekonomen AB (“Mekonomen”), the leading independent car parts and service chain in the Nordic region of Europe. 

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