Our People. Our Pride.

Our Greatest Assets.

Our People.

With more than 44,000 employees and 1,600 locations worldwide, the LKQ Nation is the driving force behind our success. Our operations are complex, and our people run them smoothly and efficiently. Our customers require a partner they can trust, and our people go the extra mile to try to deliver beyond customer expectations.

Our Pride.

“LKQ Proud”.

This simple statement drives everything we do. It speaks to pride in ourselves and each other, pride in the Company, pride in our customers, and pride in the communities in which we serve.

(Read some of the stories which highlight our LKQ Proud To Serve Community Service initiative.)

Our Greatest Assets.

LKQ listens to its people. Everyone has a voice. In fact, many of the best ideas come from those employees who are closest to the operations and the customer. We embrace this concept through our corporate Great Ideas initiative. So many of our employees have contributed ideas on how to improve operational metrics like sales, cost, efficiency, as well as people and culture improvement initiatives. 

Join the LKQ Proud Team.