Our Industry Leading Warranty

LKQ champions the automotive replacement industry with its industry-leading warranties. The LKQ Replacement Parts Promise sets the bar in providing coverage for our consumer products beyond the purchase date. We provide a free 6 month/6,000 mile warranty on light-duty recycled mechanical parts purchased from LKQ–branded locations. Our recycled, reconditioned, remanufactured, rebuilt, aftermarket, heavy truck and self-service parts all come with a warranty in the LKQ Part Replacement Promise program. We, also, offer Optional Service Agreements (OSA) for additional coverage on parts and labor costs. Your OE warranty will not be void if using aftermarket or recycled parts to repair your vehicle. 


See below list of all the warranties LKQ offers.


Payment Terms: All payments are due in full in accordance with the terms stated herein. Amounts not paid by the due date are subject to a late payment fee of the greater of (i) 2% per month compounded monthly (26.8% per year) or (ii) $5.00. In addition, the customer is responsible for all fees and expenses of collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. If the foregoing charges exceed the rate that may be lawfully charged, then such charges shall be calculated at the highest lawful rate.

LKQ Return Policy: Parts must be in an unaltered, re-sellable condition and in original packaging, with the invoice. Any returns received after 30 days from the invoice date are subject to a 20% handling/restocking fee. No returns will be accepted after 45 days from the invoice date. Core charges are refundable if the appropriate core is returned within 30 days of the invoice date.

LKQ Refund Policy: Cash purchases returned on the same day as delivered will be refunded by your local branch. All other refunds will be processed by LKQ or Keystone and sent via U.S. mail within 7 working days.

Below is a list of all the warranties LKQ currently offers. Click the link to view or download the PDF:


Our Promise of Protection

Expanded Product Coverage at an All New Level

LKQ Corporation leads the alternative auto parts industry with the strongest warranty protection for recycled, aftermarket and remanufactured products. LKQ is committed to quality and backs recycled and aftermarket collision products with lifetime warranties. In addition, aftermarket products undergo a multitude of internal and third-party testing and certification safeguards. The newly expanded Promise of Protection surpasses all other replacement part suppliers and continues to raise the bar in quality assurance. LKQ indemnifies licensed auto repair shops that purchase and install any LKQ recycled OEM, aftermarket or remanufactured product on private passenger vehicles and light trucks. 


The groundbreaking LKQ Promise of Protection product liability indemnification means the auto repair shop owner is protected from claims, liabilities, actions and costs that might result in injury or death due to any defect in that product. Unprecedented in the auto parts industry, this product liability indemnification offers unparalleled peace of mind to business owners.


LKQ Corporation (LKQ) hereby agrees to indemnify a licensed automotive repair shop (Repair Shop) that purchases a vehicle replacement product directly from LKQ (Product) and installs it on a private passenger vehicle against claims, actions, liabilities, costs and expenses relating to the death or injury of any person and the damage to any property (other than the Product, which is covered by its own warranty) directly and solely caused by a defect in the Product.



LKQ parts are put through rigorous testing and independent third party certifications comparable to OEM manufacturers.

To further aftermarket part quality assurance, LKQ developed the KeysIQ program. Essential to insurance adjustor quality requirements and repair shop owner credibility, KeysIQ validates that collision parts are free from defects in material and workmanship and are functionally equivalent to the OE replacement part in respect to safety, crash performance, form, fit, finish, function, appearance, product life and corrosion resistance. All crash part types are either Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), or third party approved, plus the LKQ team of Quality Assurance engineers continuously review parts for quality.

Further, LKQ audits approved suppliers annually, and all certified parts are entered into a KeysIQ product listing. Notably, parts are registered by invoice and can be tracked to the vehicle installation, and in the unlikely event it ever should be necessary, a product recall procedure is in place. All KeysIQ parts meet the quality requirements of major national insurance companies.

Additionally, third-party aftermarket parts certifier CAPA oversees the testing and inspection of nearly 10,000 LKQ aftermarket parts. CAPA Certification is an important validation for parts distributors, insurance adjustors, body shops and car owners. CAPA certified parts meet standards for fit, component materials, and corrosion resistance. The CAPA Quality Seal is placed only on products meeting CAPA’s strict quality requirements.

Our Promise of Calibration

Expanded Product Coverage at an All New Level

LKQ Corporation has taken another bold step today providing customer peace of mind by introducing its Promise of Calibration. The Promise of Calibration states: “LKQ Corporation warrants that all recycled OEM, reconditioned OEM and KeysIQ parts purchased directly from LKQ and installed on a private passenger vehicle, are suitable for the calibration of appropriate ADAS components with properly operating systems.” Alternative replacement parts along with glass sold by LKQ companies are now additionally warranted to permit vehicle calibration on any ADAS equipped car, truck or SUV.

As an added benefit, LKQ provided further assurance by supplementing the Promise of Calibration to include the actual diagnostic and calibration labor operation. When performed by an LKQ Company (Elitek Vehicle Services) LKQ stands behind those calibration operations with full indemnification, providing industry stakeholders even greater confidence.


LKQ Corporation (LKQ) warrants that all recycled OEM, reconditioned OEM, KeysIQ, and aftermarket parts and glass purchased directly from LKQ (Product) and installed on a private passenger vehicle are suitable for the calibration of appropriate ADAS components with properly operating systems.



LKQ Corporation is committed to supplying the highest quality alternative collision replacement parts to the collision repair industry. We now combine our industry leading warranty with our Promise of Protection and Promise of Calibration. We are dedicated to maintaining the maximum standards of quality for our valued customers.

Commitment to Quality​

LKQ is committed to providing the highest quality standards in the recycled and aftermarket parts industry. We stand behind the integrity of our products with the LKQ Parts Replacement Promise.

Our commitment to quality allows us to back our recycled and aftermarket collision products with lifetime warranties, which are the best in the industry.

Our procurement standards are the strictest in the industry, and any vehicle that does not meet our criteria is rejected. We proactively use VIN matching to ensure the integrity of our recycled inventory, and we provide consistent and accurate product descriptions. As a result, our products are guaranteed to fit and perform as you need and expect.

Building a part the right way is important to all of our manufacturing partners. Years of experience, integrity, and ingenuity are what sets them apart from the rest. LKQ performs both internal testing and hires independent testing agencies to evaluate the quality of our parts. We do not procure parts that compromise safety.

All parts are carefully inspected throughout the dismantling and order-fulfillment process. The first quality inspection occurs before a part can even be added to our inventories. After your order is placed, all recycled auto body parts, including, but not limited to, sheet metal, doors, front ends, deck lids, hoods, etc. are cleaned and inspected one final time before being placed on the delivery truck.

Our employees are educated in the latest quality and safety regulations by receiving regular training in those areas. Employees in direct contact with customers provide valuable feedback for quality improvements.

If you have any concerns about the quality of our product please contact us for more information.