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LKQ Online

About LKQOnline

LKQ Online is North America’s largest online provider of recycled, remanufactured, and reconditioned original equipment (OE) auto parts for cars and light-duty trucks requiring collision or mechanical repair.

Access the best late-model low-mileage vehicles, both domestic and imports! Each of our vehicles can offer hundreds of undamaged used auto parts that we thoroughly inspect, dismantle, clean, and test before adding to our inventory.

You can expect the right fit and optimal performance. We use VIN matching to ensure the integrity of our inventory and accurate product descriptions. Our procurement standards are the toughest in the industry, which means you only get vehicles that meet our strict safety and quality requirements.

You can trust that our quality inspections continue after products are added to our inventories. All items sold online are individually cleaned and merchandised before being listed.

Why choose used parts?

LKQOnline offers a perfect fit for high quality and long-lasting performance parts. Recycled, remanufactured, and reconditioned parts are all original equipment (OE) parts, manufactured by your vehicle’s company.

Cost efficiency and protecting the environment is our main goal. It costs less and makes a smaller ecological footprint to repair an item than it does to manufacture a new one.

For a comprehensive selection of affordable, high-quality aftermarket parts, tap into the extensive inventory of our 300+ facilities nationwide.

Your satisfaction, our mission

Purchasing used auto parts can seem risky, so you’ll want assurance the company you choose offers strict safety standards, excellent warranties and refund and return policies, and stringent shipping practices. Of course, LKQ Online provides all these benefits!

Every part sold comes with a FREE 6-month parts warranty.  We also offer online financing and FREE shipping on millions of parts!

We believe good customer relationships start with us, so we work hard to put your order in your hands quickly and hassle-free. We demand operational excellence, promote a culture of professionalism and teamwork, and ensure environmental, health, and safety compliance.