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LKQ remanufactures a wide variety of parts at factories across North America. Our process yields “like new” parts that are machined, assembled, and tested. All wear parts are always replaced with new and each part goes through the same systematic process to assure quality, and long life. Remanufacturing is the ultimate form of recycling. 



Remanufactured engines are meticulously restored to “Like New” condition by replacing critical wear parts with OE-grade components in LKQ’s advanced facilities. Rigorous testing ensures quality, and protective plastic packaging ensures safe shipping.



Our Remanufactured Transmissions go through a systematic process to bring the used part back to “Like New” condition. Remanufacturing a transmission does not mean fixing what is worn out. Our transmissions go through the same process each and every time!


Rear Axles

LKQ remanufactured rear axles feature new or remanufactured axle shafts, backing plates, and essential components like bearings and seals. They undergo rigorous inspections to ensure proper lubrication and prevent overheating and noise issues. Single units are conveniently boxed for Factory Direct shipment.


Cylinder Heads

Our Remanufactured Cylinder Heads undergo precise preparation, including pressure testing, resurfacing, cleaning, and assembly with quality valve stem seals. OHC Heads come complete with cam lifters and rockers, packaged for protection and ease. Valve seats are expertly cut, guides replaced, and springs tested, maintaining strict tolerances and exceeding OEM standards, with 30+ years of experience.



LKQ remanufactured rack and pinions are produced from high quality OEM core sources in the USA. Both hydraulic and later model electronic units go through a vehicle simulation test to guarantee OE performance and reliability. 


Transfer Cases

LKQ remanufactured transfer case assemblies are available with and without shift motors. Units are fully remanufactured with all wear parts replaced. You can expect years of trouble-free service and engagement and performance when you need it. 


Turbo Chargers

LKQ remanufactured turbo chargers are carefully disassembled, cleaned and critical components are replaced. Each center hub rotating assembly undergoes a high-speed balance to assure 100% functionality. 



Our hybrid batteries, providing unmatched quality, are carefully reconditioned, then tested and retested using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we deliver a quality battery every time! 

Mechanician changing car wheel in auto repair shop


A remanufactured wheel from LKQ provides a cost saving alternative to your customer at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new wheels from the dealer. 

Caucasian marine engineer officer in engine control room ECR. He works in workshop and chooses correct tools and equipment

Marine Engines

LKQ marine engines are designed and built specifically for boating. No matter how you use your boat, LKQ Marine engines will provide maximum performance and long-term durability. 

Our North American Remanufactured Business Segments

Tristar Engines

Acquired in 2023, this family owned and operated business produces remanufactured engines in Baldwin, WI.  A strong regional supplier in their own right, Tristar engines have a lot of fans and loyal customers.  Tristar has also been involved in regional and national racing – proving their products on the track.  This is a proud team of Americans that have been turning metal into horsepower for decades.

CVC Converters

Acquired in 2022, CVC converters provides high quality torque converters that are used in many of LKQ’s remanufactured automatic transmissions.   Founded in Kettering, OH in 1996, CVC quickly earned the reputation for high quality and fast turn-around.   CVC’s current strength and success is based on a unique, well managed system that combines the intuitive probing and skillful experience of the bench craftsman with the engineering production line model governed by standard operating procedures and quality assurance.

Bumblebee Batteries

Acquired in 2021, these two companies expertly remanufacture hybrid batteries.  Using proprietary testing technology, all units are dis-assembled and tested at the cell level.  Modules that go back into the remanufactured battery have been balanced and proven to closely match their counterparts for resistance, capacity and chargeability.  Both companies also offer installation services remotely – at a shop or a vehicle owner’s driveway.  Where ever it gets installed, the unit will provide years of trouble free performance at a fraction of the cost of a dealer unit.   


ATK / Vege is the largest powertrain remanufacturer in North America.  We’re proud to provide the North American automotive aftermarket with engines, transmissions, cylinder heads, transfer cases, and rear axle assemblies.  All of our parts are 100% remanufactured with wear parts being 100% replaced with name brand components.  We lead the industry in warranty coverage options and best in class customer service.   Not only are we experts in powertrain components, we also offer remanufactured turbo chargers, rack and pinions, hybrid batteries, torque converters and more. With 10 factories making old parts new again, our 1500 employees strive to make replacement parts affordable and long lasting.    

GPS Transmissions

Acquired in 2017, GPS transmissions was a well-established remanufacturer with a host of customers across the USA.    Now producing hundreds of automatic transmissions every day, GPS has benefitted from LKQ’s vast experience in remanufacturing.   Located south of Atlanta, GPS is situated to take advantage of great freight lanes.   All units are dyno tested after assembly to assure smooth shifts and all other operating parameters.  All units are also shipped with high quality synthetic fluid.