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Keeping you moving. Together. Společně. Juntos. Ensemble. 一起. साथ साथ. ಜೊತೆಯಾಗಿ. Insieme. Razem. Zusammen. Tillsammans. Разом. Zajedno. Samen. Együtt. Împreună. Skupaj. Spoločne. Заједно. Birlikte. 

This year, LKQ celebrates its 25th anniversary. We are proud of how far we have come and even more excited for our bright future. With a passion for better, we will look back on our accomplishments that have got us to where we are today and explore how we can continue to drive our company and the industry forward.

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A Message from Nick Zarcone

LKQ is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Nick Zarcone, LKQ’s CEO, has something special to say – click the button down below and watch the video to hear all about it!

Our Community

Over the past 25 years we have achieved lots of great accomplishments thanks to our amazing stakeholders. To recognize those that have helped get us to where we are today, we’re giving you the mic! Below we’re sharing messages from our employees, customers, suppliers and others who have helped us on our journey and followed our success.

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Our Journey

For 25 years, LKQ has been changing the game in the auto repair industry, empowering consumers with billions in savings. This year, we celebrate our journey and the pioneering spirit of our heritage. In a world that saw a fragmented salvage and recycled auto parts industry, our founders saw a vision – a vision to offer high-quality alternative parts to a market in dire need of cost-effective repair solutions. And we did just that. Revolutionizing the aftermarket part industry, we forged a path to become a true leader and an inspiration to all. Join us in honoring our past and embracing our bright future. 


In these brief podcasts, you will hear from global leaders on topics like sustainability, the future of LKQ and more. 


We designed these short videos to provide you with updates on how we’re celebrating our 25 Year anniversary.  

Our Stories

This section features stories from our employees as well as our customers.  

Our Brands

Our brands have evolved over these years from their origin as providers of mechanical and body parts, to now include services such as paint supplies and repairs through LKQ Pick Your Part. As lkq continues forward in its journey for growth, we remain dedicated to serving our customers and providing them with the very best products possible. Join us in celebrating lkq’s 25th anniversary and be part of our success!


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what drives us to reach for new heights

​​​This idea of “passion for better” is the reason why LKQ started 25 years ago and is even more relevant today.