We Deliver

LKQ Europe operates in over 20 countries throughout Europe, with approximately 26,000 employees. We deliver to 100,000 garages and workshops every day and offer over 900,000 SKUs.

Our Portfolio

Independent Workshops

Independent workshops allow the repair of cars without the need for Brand loyalty. LKQ Europe works closely with approximately 127,000 independent workshops. For many motorists, the independent workshop is the first choice when problems arise with their vehicle.


The heart of the car achieves new levels of technical sophistication from generation to generation. Downsizing- and weight reduction trends lead to continuously increasing performance requirements for engine components. LKQ has them all, be it timing belts and –chains, waterpumps, filters, exhaust systems, turbochargers, gaskets & sealings, clutches or oil pans. We even offer whole remanufactured engines to our customers.

Electrics & Electronics

As technology is continuing to evolve, LKQ is proud to offer the right parts, combined with the right competence and training tools in order to ensure that everybody stays “up to speed”. This group holds a wide variety of products, among which are; ignition parts, rotating electrics, starter batteries, fuel pumps, window lifter systems, wiping system, a wide range of sensors, as well as all forms of bulbs and automotive lighting.

Accessories, Performance & Leisure

Beside all forms of tyres, wheels and rims, we offer a wide range of tuning and accessory products in selected markets, supporting our customers with the customization of their vehicles. On top of that, this product group also encompasses towing equipment, winches, hifi- & mobile technology, and even some garden & outdoor equipment.


LKQ’s range is not only holding a full-line of automotive spare parts, but does also contain a rich assortment of paintings & coatings for automotive applications. Either bought directly from one of our branches, or combined with the paint job service via one of our specialist partners.


Working our way inwards from the vehicles brakes, the chassis parts consist of the wheel bearings, all steering elements, shock absorbers and coil springs as well as all drivetrain parts.

Collision & Cooling

Under "collision & cooling" we summarize the majority of classical crash parts, that are usually part of – or at least close to – the body of the vehicle. These include Radiators, consendors, compressors, fans, thermostats, heating units, mirrors, autoglass, bumper covers and all body parts. Additionally, the group holds all sensor types that are prone to crash damages, e.g. park distance- or radar sensors.

Chemicals & Lubricants

The increasing sophistication of vehicle technology does equally transfer into increased requirements for all forms of technical liquids, chemicals & lubricants. LKQ’s range entails all of these, and offers a wide selection of high quality products.

Tools & Equipment

This category holds all necessary equipment that a workshop needs in order to properly carry out the daily business. Beside all forms of hand, pneumatic and electric tools, LKQ also offers diagnostic equipment and workshop machinery to its customers, as e.g. hydraulic ramps or air con service devices.

Commercial Vehicles

Although our core business is focused around passenger cars, LKQ has been progressively expanding its range of service also for all forms of commercial vehicles. This does encompass small trucks and transporters, including buses, agricultural & construction machinery and trailer parts.

Our Private Labels

Our Workshop Concepts

Our workshop concepts make up a professional network of more than 10,000 high-quality service centers. These partnering service centers have a strict criteria for participating in our workshop concepts. In return we support our partners with modern marketing measures and tools to ensure high-quality processes and perfect customer service to help support their sales. This balance of quality, value and speed of repair is the perfect solution to get the end consumer back to the road.

Global Presence Map - Europe
a posto
Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Italy)

a posto is a vibrant network of multi-brand garages and body repair shops from all over Italy.

Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Belgium, France)

AutoFirst is a franchise formular for modern repair shops that strive to offer highest quality material and a top-level customer service. Motorists know that their cars are in good hands when they have them serviced at AutoFirst garages.

Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (The Netherlands)

AutoFirst is a franchise formular for modern repair shops that strive to offer highest quality material and a top-level customer service. Motorists know that their cars are in good hands when they have them serviced at AutoFirst garages.

Autofirst Network
Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (United Kingdom)

The Autofirst network is the fastest growing network of quality independent garages in the UK. Autofirst network garages are carefully selected to provide the best possible service and obliged to operate on the strict code of practices that are stated in the network’s Customer Charter.

Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Germany)

AUTOFIT is a well-established garage brand that guarantees solid success for participating garages.

Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Germany)

AUTOPROFI garages are certified, and by joining the network, modern repair shops give a clear signal to their customers: They observe highest standards and deliver first-rate performances.

Auto Kelly Autoservis
Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Czech Republic, Slovakia)

Auto Kelly network provide their customers with state-of-the-art technology, well-trained staff and individual problem-solving strategies.

Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Germany)

Castrol AUTO SERVICE companies are experts for the professional maintenance and repair of all motorized vehicles.

Just Drive
Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Switzerland)

Just Drive is a customer concept of RHIAG Group Ltd which appeals equally to garage owners and automobilists.

Officina Dedicar
Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Italy)

Officina Dedicar is an alliance of repair workshops that attend to multiple brands. Today, it extends all over Italy. It was founded by Bertolotti, an Italian corporation specialized in the distribution of original quality components for cars and industrial vehicles.

Officina Numero Uno
Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Italy)

Officina Numero Uno is a network of multiple-brand repair shops that even perform maintenances and repairs on vehicles during warranty time.

Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine)

PARTNER ELIT garages offer great value for money both concerning parts and repair rates.

Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Germany)

PV, leading provider of automotive parts and services, offer their network partners high-quality vehicle parts at very attractive conditions.

Quality Garage
Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Belgium)

Quality garage offers a high quality vehicle service and service on a dealership level, correct pricing and a familial atmosphere.

Workshop & Loyalty Concepts (Germany)