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Quality ManufacturingConsistency Of CutDisc to Disc Consitency With Predictable Results
Anti-LoadingSanding Debris Swept AwayLonger User Time Per Disc, Saving Money
Premium AluminumGradual Breakdown of Abrasive (Linear)Disc Life Does Not End Dramatically
Brand XBrand Y

Keystone Platinum Refinish Precision Cut Abrasives offers you consistent and dependable results, every time. The accuracy of the cut is attributable to precise manufacturing tolerances and utilizing only premium aluminum oxide minerals. Precision Cut Abrasives were designed with specific qualities like speed of cut, anti-loading, extended disc life and easy transitions from grit to grit throughout the product line that supports consistent and repeatable results.

Rigorous and unbiased testing was done, by evaluating how well the abrasive performed in initial cut, disc to disc life, loading, and how consistent the scratch pattern was. Throughout testing, Precision Cut Abrasives outperformed all the competitors within this product class.

Whether you are straightening body filler or final sanding before you apply color, you can be reassured that Platinum Refinish Precision Cut Abrasives will be an asset to your production requirements without breaking the bank on the cost to do so. 

Platinum Refinish Precision Cut Abrasives

Whether using Hook & Loop, PSA or sheets, Platinum Refinish Precision Cut Abrasives has easily accessible packaging for your quick-change needs in a variety of grades. 

Grade6” Disc Hook & LoopQty./Box6” Disc PSAQty./Roll3” Disc Hook & LoopQty./BoxSheet Roll PSA2-3/4” Roll
P80KEY3491150KEY34921100KEY3493150KEY349411 Roll/25yds.
P150KEY3491250KEY34922100KEY3493250KEY349421 Roll/ 45yds.
P180KEY3491350KEY34923100KEY3493350KEY349431 Roll/45yds.
P220KEY3491450KEY34924100KEY3493450KEY349441 Roll/45yds.
P320KEY3491550KEY34925100KEY3493550KEY349451 Roll/45yds.