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LKQ Corporation’s Elitek® Vehicle Services Business Announces Further Expansion into Remote Automotive Diagnostics and Programming
June 22, 2021

LKQ Corporation’s Elitek® Vehicle Services Business Announces Further Expansion into Remote Automotive Diagnostics and Programming

Chicago, IL (June 22, 2021) — Since 2019, under the Elite Electronics and VeTech Automotive Electronics brands, LKQ’s diagnostic services business, now branded Elitek Vehicle Services (“Elitek”), has grown to become the largest independent provider of mobile, on-site vehicle services to automotive collision repairers, mechanical repairers, and national fleets in the U.S.

Effective today, Elitek is expanding its services beyond on-site mobile diagnostics and repair to also include remote automotive diagnostics and remote programming. Repair facilities can now call one company, Elitek, to service all their diagnostic service needs.

With the addition of Remote diagnostics, Elitek can provide shops with a seamless, end-to-end process and value proposition:

  • STEP #1 – Remote Diagnostics — Shop technicians can plug-in an OBDII device that remotely connects the vehicle to Elitek’s call center. The technician, with support from a centralized Elitek diagnostician, conducts the diagnostic scan(s), produces a scan report, enables remote programming where applicable, and invoices for the service.
  • STEP #2 – Mobile Diagnostics — If additional onsite services are required, including ADAS calibration or mechanical, Elitek’s mobile service can be deployed to complete the repair, using an array of OEM software, tools, and certified technicians.


Increasing vehicle technology leads to more complex repairs, and Elitek is uniquely positioned to partner with the repair community to diagnose, repair, and calibrate vehicle electronics, including ADAS systems. The combination of remote and mobile diagnostic services offerings puts Elitek a step ahead of the competition and serves customers better than ever with mechanical, AC service 1234YF, module programming, electrical repairs, and an array of diagnostic services. Owning a full range of OEM diagnostic tools, and offering these numerous services to automotive repair facilities, helps improve a shop’s cycle times, reduces rental terms, and improves the customer service experience, for both the repair shop and the vehicle owner.

“With the formation of Elitek, LKQ now provides the most comprehensive diagnostic services in the repair industry. Elitek is the premier provider of both remote and mobile diagnostic services. This expanded offering allows us to be more responsive to our customers, including those outside of our current mobile servicing locations,” stated Terry Fortner, LKQ’s North America Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Don Smith, Director of Elitek’s Remote Division, stated, “Our goal is to continue to provide superior customer service. With the addition of remote services, we can be more responsive to a broader range of customers. And with LKQ’s Promise of Calibration, customers have the additional peace of mind in knowing that Elitek will stand behind the work performed.”

For more information on Elitek’s remote capabilities or to pre-order a remote scanning device, contact Don Smith at [email protected], visit the website at, or call 888-8-ELITEK.


About LKQ’s “Promise of Calibration”

LKQ Corporation warrants that all recycled OE, reconditioned OE, and KeysIQ, and aftermarket parts and glass purchased directly from LKQ and installed on a private passenger vehicle are suitable for the calibration of appropriate ADAS components with properly operating systems.

As an added benefit, when performed by Elitek, LKQ stands behind those calibration operations with full indemnification, providing industry stakeholders even greater confidence. Providing this level of comfort and commitment for our parts and services benefits all stakeholders within the collision repair and glass industries including repair shops, insurers, and most importantly, vehicle owners. No other alternative parts and services provider supports and services customers like LKQ.

About LKQ

LKQ Corporation ( is a leading provider of alternative and specialty parts to repair and accessorize automobiles and other vehicles. LKQ has operations in North America, Europe, and Taiwan. LKQ offers its customers a broad range of OE recycled and aftermarket parts, replacement systems, components, equipment, and services to repair and accessorize automobiles, trucks, and recreational and performance vehicles.

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