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LKQ 25TH Anniversary Stories –   Quarterly Story IV
December 19, 2023

LKQ 25TH Anniversary Stories –   Quarterly Story IV

Building on the strong foundation laid over the past 25 years, LKQ is poised to further
cement its status as an industry leader. Our commitment lies in providing our customers
with an unrivaled range of parts and service solutions that are not only comprehensive
but also accessible and cost-effective. At the heart of our journey is the nurturing of
robust partnerships with our dedicated employees and the vibrant communities we serve,
ensuring mutual growth and success.

In this significant year of our Silver Anniversary, we dedicate our celebration to the pillars
of our success: our business growth, valued customers, suppliers, and dedicated employees,

all of whom have empowered us to reach this remarkable milestone. Over the years,
we’ve established a legacy characterized by trust, reliability, and innovative solutions.
As we stand at this juncture, looking towards the future, our commitment to these
foundational principles remains as steadfast as ever.

Nick Zarcone, President and Chief Executive Officer LKQ Corporation, adds, “Over the
past quarter century, we have built LKQ into an incredibly successful company. We were
able to accomplish this thanks to the hard work, dedication, and commitment to
excellence from all of our stakeholders hard work, dedication, and commitment to
excellence. With your continued support and dedication, I have no doubt that we will
continue to achieve greater success in the years ahead.”

In May, we introduced our new corporate values globally which are at the heart of our
strategic vision for the future and guide every decision and action. To continue, we are
ambitious to deliver remarkable results based on our LKQ Corporate Values: Development,
Excellence, Leadership, Integrity & trust, Value added, Embracing change, Resourceful
and Sustainability.

Our commitment to profitable growth is not just a goal, it is a guiding principle that informs
every step we take and every decision we make. From corporate strategies to operational
efficiencies, our commitment to profitable growth allows the long-term profitability and
success of LKQ in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry we are operating in.
In this year of marking milestones and achievements, we further enhanced our leading
position across the world by welcoming Uni-Select Inc., our largest acquisition in the
company’s history. This strategic move is not just about expanding our reach, it is
a testament to our vision for the future, by integrating new capabilities, talents,
and technologies into our network.

Sustainability is integral to our corporate strategy, guiding us since our inception.
Today, sustainability remains a core part of our global values. Our sustainability practices
are adopted around four core pillars – planet, people, communities, and governance.
Over the years, the sustainability projects we have been investing in are helping to
WWFWreduce our carbon emissions, implementing energy-efficient solutions, and
developing sustainable product lines.

At LKQ, we are dedicated to being the employer of choice, cultivating a dynamic
work environment where every individual is encouraged to be their authentic self.
As we close this celebratory year, we are immensely proud to announce our designation
as a Great Place to Work for 2024 in our US operations. This achievement is a milestone in
our deliberate and strategic journey, underscored by our “Your Voice Matters” engagement
survey. This initiative has been pivotal in tailoring our policies and practices to the real
needs and preferences of our team. This recognition is more than an honor; it’s a reflection
of our commitment to providing comprehensive support to our employees and fostering
an atmosphere where extraordinary achievements are the norm. As we mark the end
of our 25th year, this accomplishment not only symbolizes our past successes but
also paves the way for a future where our staff feels deeply valued, actively listened to,
and continually inspired.

Our customer-centric approach is not just about satisfaction, it is a cornerstone of
our profitable growth strategy. Our business was built as an “alternative” parts provider.
We believe to this day that our customers and end-consumers should have a choice in
the parts they use to repair vehicles. By understanding customer needs and leveraging
our internal processes, we ensure that the parts we offer meet the quality standards
anticipated by our customers and end-consumers. This strategic approach positions
us to provide high-value solutions, fostering customer retention, and attracting new
potential growth

As a company we are most confident about our future: With more than 51,000 LKQ team
who are dedicated to our successes, we are looking forward with excitement
to 2024 and the next 25 years to come. LKQ is more committed than ever to maintaining
and enhancing its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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