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LKQ 25TH Anniversary Stories –  Quarterly Story III: Choosing Excellence
October 3, 2023

LKQ 25TH Anniversary Stories –  Quarterly Story III: Choosing Excellence

“We are our choices.” In these four words Jean-Paul Sartre, the French philosopher, summed up that every decision we make is made by us alone and adds to our character and specifically to who we are. His existentialist message is not just true for human beings but also for companies. Where we go is based on our choices 

Being an employer and brand of choice is what LKQ is seeking. And it is our remarkable teams of talented individuals across our operations that enable us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations of our service. “We are immensely proud to have cultivated a diverse, global customer base that not only relies on us for superior-quality products but also sees us as a trusted partner in their journey toward success,” says Nick Zarcone, President and Chief Executive Officer LKQ Corporation. “Our customers are not just transactions; they are long-term relationships we’re committed to nurturing. That’s why our customers are at the heart of LKQ’s mission. In this ever-evolving market, they turn to us as their go-to source, confident in our ability to meet and exceed expectations.” 

At the same time, LKQ strives to be the employer of choice. “At LKQ, we don’t just offer jobs; we offer fulfilling careers. We go beyond traditional benefits to create a culture where each employee can flourish both personally and professionally,” explains Genevieve Dombrowski, Senior Vice President of Human Resources LKQ Corporation. “Our commitment to well-being is just as important as career development, offering a holistic approach to employee welfare. This balanced focus makes us not just a workplace, but a space where ambition meets well-being, where talent is nurtured, and where every individual is inspired to thrive.” 

Investing in the latest technologies and our people allows us to stay at the forefront of our industry. Across LKQ’s business organization, we share a common understanding of the value of our people, our customers and our suppliers. Besides, we are dedicated to fostering a workplace that values not just performance but also the well-being of our people, ensuring a healthy work-life balance . 

As we strive to be the employer and brand of choice, we recognize that our employees and customers are at the heart of our success. Their stories, experiences, and insights drive us forward. In the following pages, explore the narratives of these exceptional individuals who make LKQ what it is today. Through their voices, you will uncover our commitment to excellence, innovation, and enduring relationships. These stories embody our choices, the paths we have taken, and the future we are crafting together.

Employee Story 1: 

Miranda M., the Operations Manager in the Salvage business sector within the United States at LKQ, became part of our organization’s team in 2014. Her journey began as a witness to both the LKQ culture and her deep-seated passion for the intricacies of operations management. So profound was her dedication that she chose to reshape her academic path, shifting her bachelor’s major to focus on Supply Chain and Operations Management while attending the University of Georgia. Her long-standing dream of becoming an operations manager came true upon her graduation. LKQ recognized her talents and dedication, offering her the prestigious position of Regional Operations Manager for the southeastern region of the United States. Throughout her career at LKQ, Miranda’s professional journey has been characterized by constant evolution and progressive growth. 

Employee Story 2: 

“Every day, LKQ brings new learning experiences,” remarks Aaron K., who serves as the Inventory Manager within LKQ’s North America Salvage business segment. Reflecting back to 2007, Aaron juggled two jobs, but an enticing opportunity in the dismantling department beckoned him toward a full-time commitment with LKQ. It was here that he embraced the role of overseeing cycle counting, a pivotal step in his quest to gain a deeper understanding of inventory management processes. Fueled by his profound automotive expertise and an unwavering passion for personal and professional growth, Aaron embarked on a relentless journey of discovering more about the company and exploring various positions within it.

Employee Story 3: 

While we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, Amanda B., the Director of Employee Experience at LKQ Corporation, celebrates her 17th year of dedicated service with the company. Despite her lengthy tenure, Amanda continues to be impressed by the incredible achievements LKQ has accomplished in its 25-year journey. Central to LKQ’s ethos is the belief that its employees are the greatest asset, underpinning every endeavor with a People First approach. Amanda is proud of what LKQ has empowered her with, she enthusiastically shares, “In my current role, I enjoy being able to change the lives of our employees by providing them with resources and assistance when they need it the most.” 

Employee Story 4: 

Sylwester M. joined LKQ Europe with a clear goal: to make a significant impact, and he has exceeded expectations. When asked why LKQ Europe was his employer of choice, he explained, “LKQ Europe is the first organization I have worked for where I feel I have a real impact on the organization. I have found everything I need here – from development and training opportunities to being involved in projects and decision-making, to being part of the day-to-day running of the business and spending time with colleagues. This is why I feel comfortable recommending our company to friends.” As LKQ Europe evolves, Sylwester envisions a promising future. The diverse experiences and regional expertise within the organization facilitate the efficient sharing of best practices. With an optimistic outlook, he asserts, “Looking at our continued growth as an organization, further major achievements, and a motivated team, I have no doubt – our future is bright.”

Customer Story 1 (Slovenia): 

Metod K. is one of our customers from STAHLGRUBER Slovenia. His journey with LKQ began in 2016, and it has been a story of reliability and quality ever since. Metod’s decision to choose LKQ was driven by the commitment to excellence. He explains, “I’ve been choosing LKQ and its subsidiaries for their top-notch cooperation and consistent delivery of high-quality OEM parts. The company’s staff is highly skilled, and their consultation services are excellent. They offer products that perfectly match my business needs.” When asked to describe LKQ in a word or a sentence, Metod simply says, “Correct.” It’s a testament to the precision and reliability he associates with LKQ’s products and services. 

Customer Story 2 (Czech Republic): 

A customer from LKQ CZ established its relationship with LKQ at the inception of its business. They say, “I have been with LKQ since the beginning of my business. On the team of the Příbram branch, headed by sales representative V. Hájek, I can always rely on.” From day one, the business owner knew they needed a reliable partner to help them navigate the automotive industry, and LKQ proved to be just that.

Customer Story 3 (DACH): 

Florian P. is one of our customers from LKQ DACH. He highlights that LKQ is not purely a parts distributor but a business partner, simply put: “Meaningful and future-oriented.” That is why he highlights the LKQ Academy, the most comprehensive educational platform in the European automotive aftermarket. Florian: “Best of all, LKQ offers a very broad training portfolio that covers everything from wheel alignment and high-voltage technology to diagnostic systems. What’s more, the training competencies can be individually designed for the respective employees.” 

Customer Story 4 (Benelux-France): 

In the pursuit of excellence within the European auto service industry, LKQ Europe stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our operation. Guy V. is one of our customers from LKQ Benelux-France, for him, the impression of LKQ’s service is large, fast, and customer-friendly. With the vast range of high-quality products, coupled with a fast logistics system, we are allowed to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Guy says, “LKQ offers a large assortment and fast deliveries which attracts us to their services time and time again.”

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