Reconditioning OE products saves time, non-renewable resources, and energy. All reconditioned bumper covers and wheels are part of our Keystone Platinum Plus line.


Reconditioned Bumper Covers


LKQ’s reconditioning process and professionally trained technicians bring these original equipment parts back to like-new quality, guaranteeing you a cost-effective repair, every time.

A repair technician performs a complete repair process, following the bumper through the entire process to its final primer coat.

Thermal Reforming: High temperature soak tanks chemically, clean the bumpers, and return them to their original molded shapes.

Preparation: Bumpers are then stripped from the clear coat or any non-flexible paint to ensure that all primers and paints will adhere properly.

Plastic Welding: Double-sided airless plastic welding is performed after any tears in the bumper are stabilized with a specialized tape.

Sanding and Filling: Once the structural repairs are completed, a flexible epoxy is applied to create a level surface. The bumper is sanded with progressively finer grits until a smooth, scratch-free surface is achieved.

Final Primer: The technician performs one last detailed inspection of the bumper cover after a final sanding and application of black or grey coating which serves as a primer coat for color bumpers or as a finished coat for black bumpers.

Rebuilt Differentials


Our rebuilding process includes:


Units completely disassembled and cleaned

New or rebuilt backing plates and axle shafts installed

Units are filled with oil and friction modifier (where required)

New “OE” grade bearings and seals, and 100% rebuilt full floating hubs

Axles shafts and housings checked for straightness

1 ton dually axles come complete with machined rotors and hubs

LKQ rebuilt differentials come with a standard 12-month parts and labor warranty.


Remanufactured Engines


Our professionally trained technicians completely remanufacture each engine back to original specifications.

Engine pressure is tested after assembly to assure water jacket integrity

Spin tested after assembly to assure compression, oil flow, oil pressure, and real main seal

Cranks turned on state of the art equipment and micro-polished to OE "roughness" spec

New pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, timing chain or belt, valves, valve springs, and freeze plugs are added

Heads resurfaced, valve seats re-cut, vacuum tested after assembly, and pressure tested as an individual casting

Blocks bored, align honed, and cylinder honed with computerized equipment for perfect finish size and taper

Most engines are shipped as “long block” assemblies and include a new water pump and gasket set.





Remanufactured Transmissions


Our transmissions have been fully remanufactured back to original specifications by professionally trained technicians.

Transmission dyno tested to verify shift points, RPM, pressure, ratio and shift time to the millisecond

Torque converter included

Solenoids tested before units are assembled

Gaskets, seals, bands clutch plates replaced with new

Completed valve bodies pressure tested to assure proper function


Reconditioned Wheels

All of LKQ’s reconditioned wheels are original equipment parts that have been returned to like-new quality by our professionally trained technicians. Our exclusive process repairs damage caused by rock chips, road salt, minor impacts, and ultra violet rays.

Intensive testing to ensure like-new quality

Cost savings over new replacement wheels

Industry-leading warranty

Our facilities can recondition your wheel or exchange it for one from our extensive inventory.

Available in domestic and import applications

LKQ offers wheel cover refinishing on worn, dirty, or damaged wheel covers. Our refinishing services carry a 30-day limited warranty for fitment and finish.