Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW)

Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW)

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Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW)

Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) is the leading supplier of auto glass and shop accessories, with more than 100 distribution branches throughout the U.S. and Canada. Offering more than glass, our distribution network provides small order, same-day or overnight auto glass delivery to more than 27,000 customers.


Superior Quality

Our automotive replacement glass is manufactured with the same process controls, tooling and quality inspections that we use for original equipment parts. As a result, our replacement laminated and tempered parts (i.e. windshields, side and back lights):

  • Fit closer to original equipment
  • Look more like original equipment
  • Meet the same safety standards as original equipment
  • Have the same optical quality as original equipment


For Installers

For installers, glass from original equipment manufacturers such as Pittsburgh Glass Works is easier to install. The parts are made with OEM-style tooling, with size and bend verified against OEM-style check fixtures. This means part-to-part consistency of size, shape and color, and less likelihood of stress and breakage during installation.


For Consumers

For consumers, glass made to OEM specifications fits better in the vehicle opening, so there is less of a likelihood of wind noise, leakage or appearance problems. Attention to detail and rigid quality assurance requirements ensure consumers the high level of optical quality they expect of an OEM windshield.

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