Self-Service Auto Parts

Bring your tools, pick your part, and save up to 90%


Get high-quality used car and truck parts at low prices at LKQ Pick Your Part locations.

Over 1,000 American and imported cars and light trucks available at most locations. Using recycled parts is an environmentally friendly choice.

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How Self-Service Works

  • Pay a small admissions fee
  • An LKQ sales associate directs you to the vehicles you need
  • Use the provided vehicle’s interchange document to find the parts you want
  • Use your own tools to remove the parts.
  • Bring the parts to the cashier

Customer and Environmental Safety

LKQ is committed to customer safety and preserving the environment.

  • Yards are kept clean and organized. Vehicles are grouped by make and model.
  • Fluids and hazardous materials are removed and recycled or disposed of properly before vehicles are placed in the yard.
  • Vehicles are placed on stands to make it easier for customers to pull parts.

Admission Fees and Prices

Admission fees and pricing varies by location. Prices are clearly posted at each location. Always call ahead to get the most up to date pricing. Calling 800-962-2277 will connect you with the closest LKQ Self Service locations.


Coverage varies by location.  Please visit your nearest LKQ location.

Sell Us Your Car

Get extra money for your unwanted vehicle.  We properly recycle and dispose of all fluids and materials.  So, help the environment by selling your car or truck to LKQ. To keep our Self-Service yards stocked with fresh inventory,  we cars, light trucks, vans, SUVs and other vehicles every day. 
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