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LKQ Heavy Truck Core is your source for all engine and engine related parts. Whether runners or cores, we have what you need. 

We specialize in:

  • We operate as the core center for the entire LKQ Heavy Truck network – We receive truckloads of engines every day from all of the LKQ Heavy Truck yards. The truck loads contain engines that are either – Slow retail movers, but still good runners, rough running engines, engines that will not start, engines with catastrophic failures (hole in block) and core exchanges/fire damaged engines.
  • While we tear down dozens of engines every day, we specialize in un-altered, non-tampered with engine take outs for export. These engines are often not computer controlled with little demand for domestic on highway applications. Many of these engines are running and drove into LKQ facilities. They are complete and never pieced together or tampered with.
  • New, Remanufactured and used parts; as well as units for rebuilding
  • Core components for rebuilders – Fuel injectors, ECM’s, high pressure pumps, Fuel injection pumps, Turbo’s, Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Blocks, Crankshafts, Camshafts – Anything! If it comes from a truck, we have it!
  • Reconditioned engine parts – Sold to be an alternative to hard to find and expensive new parts. The parts are inspected, magna fluxed, cleaned/polished, painted and stamped. They are also coated to prevent surface rust from forming.
  • With the quantity of truck loads coming in and out of our location we get great shipping rates. Many times we are able to save 20-50% of shipping quotes both domestically and export.

The core/rebuilding/export market can get very convoluted, we understand and embrace this. Our primary goal above all else is to accurately depict our inventory and have a clear understanding with all of our customers. Whatever solution you are looking for, we are able and willing to go to work for you. Whether it be core fulfillment, export, rebuilding or component customers we want to make sure we match you with exactly what you are looking for. We take pride in accurately depicting what we have to offer to meet your needs. All orders are checked and verified by at least 3 people before it gets on a truck to you, the customer.  

LKQ Heavy Truck Core is America’s largest and most comprehensive supplier for complete take out engines, cores for parts, and small parts. We supply everything from running pullout out engines to individual fuel system components (injectors, ECM’s, High pressure pumps, Fuel injection pumps, etc). While engines are our expertise, we carry and sell every mechanical component that comes from any truck 2 tons and larger. If you are looking for complete take out engines, engines for rebuilding, parts for rebuilding, good used (Tested and inspected parts), or parts for core fulfillment, give us a call! We have it! We have over 130,000 Square foot of warehouse space and over 4,000 engines in stock




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