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At Keystone Automotive Industries in Brainerd, we have over 55 years of experience restoring automotive bumpers for classic and modern automobiles to show quality. We take great pride in our ability to remanufacture bumpers to better than OEM condition. Bumpers are straightened, ground, polished, plated with copper and nickel, and finally plated with hexavalent chrome. After passing a thorough inspection, the part is then packaged and returned to the customer. We will not replace a customer's part without their knowledge or consent. We’re confident customers will be impressed with the quality of our chrome refinishing work. So, we’re offering a lifetime warranty on all fit and finish of plated resurfacing.

Services offered:


Our specialty is restoring automotive bumpers. We’ve repaired and restored bumpers on autos dating back as far as the 1920’s. Whether it’s a Model A or a muscle car, our technicians will have your bumpers in car show quality in a few days. In addition to bumper restoration, we also restore the original tips and guards from the bumper.


We are able to:

  • -Patch rust areas
  • -Weld holes and cracks, non-OEM drilled holes are done as part of the service, in most cases at no additional charge
  • -Repair bends and dings
  • -For rare bumpers, we can do most any repair to save the part


Once these initial fixes are completed the part is:

  • -Ground and polished to remove surface defects
  • -Copper plated
  • -The copper plate is buffed
  • -Nickel plated, three layers
  • -Chrome plated, using hexavalent chrome

If you are planning to customize a bumper, please contact us in advance so we can advise you on how to achieve best outcome.


For all your non-bumper parts, we have the ability to restore and electroplate any part from your vehicle, especially parts made from zinc or pot metal.





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